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Signed for setting up"Pharmaceutical Technology Research Institute in Shenzhen,Nanjing University"





On November 15, 2013, HLK Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ("HLK") signed a formal agreement with Shenzhen Research Institute of Nanjing University and State Key Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology for setting up "Pharmaceutical Technology Research Institute in Shenzhen, Nanjing University" in Shenzhen Virtual University Park.  This institute that is affiliated to Nanjing University and HLK has a top-rank scientific team including members in China and abroad.  It unites the technical expertise and industrial experience in HLK with the academic strength and research capability of Nanjing University.  With this establishment, the cooperation will further improve the pharmaceutical/biotechnology R&D platform system in Shenzhen.  It will greatly support and promote the pharmaceutical product development with the international standards.  In order to explore the establishment of an advanced pharmaceutical/biotechnology R&D platform system, as well as new business model, the institute will combine R&D platform establishment with discipline establishment, combine product development with talent development, and combine project incubation with innovative technical service systems.

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