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Congradulations for receiving the first level financial funding


The Twelfth China International Talent Exchange Conference was held in Shenzhen on November 6, 2013. As China's only conference oriented to foreign experts, training institution and professionals, the conference is the largest, and the highest-level national event for the exchange of international talents. There are many highlights in this conference. However, one event received special attention, which is the announcement of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Upfront Cost Subsidy Award for Shenzhen Overseas Students.  Among the 170 candidate companies that have applied the award, HLK Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which was founded by the team of Dr. Zeren Wang and Jun Xu, received the first level financial funding.

The photo showed that Dr. Zeren Wang, co-founder of HLK, was receiving the first level financial funding from Zhang Jianguo, who is the Deputy Director of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs and Deputy Minister of Bureau of Human Resources & Social Security

In the photo, the co-founders of HLK, Dr. Zeren Wang and Jun Xu, were talking with Yang Xusong, the head of Pingshan New District, after the awarding ceremony

The international team of HLK Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is focusing on drug delivery and formulation development, and has established broad interactions and collaborations with pharmaceutical companies in China.  In addition, the company is committed to be a portal between China and the US for pharmaceutical/biotechnology business exchange.


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