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Management Members

Ms. Jun Xu,  President

As the co-founder and President of HLK, Jun is responsible for business development, strategy, customer relations, and interacting with governmental agencies and regulators. Jun also works with both Chinese and US-based companies and governments to promote mutual cooperation and business in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. 

Prior to her current position, Jun has over 15 years of experience in major international pharmaceutical companies (including Novartis and Boehringer Ingelheim) in drug discovery and development. She has worked on multiple new drug targets, including target validation and assay development for new drug candidates. Jun also worked in drug development focusing on metabolism, development of biological assay methods and drug-drug interactions studies. Overall, she has been involved in the discovery of a dozen drug candidates and development of several new drugs.  She also served as a core member of the leadership team for the Asian Employee Resource Group of BI which promotes multi-cultural exchange, understanding, diversity and inclusion.

Jun has actively volunteered her time to initiate a number of activities in the Chinese-American community. She founded the Huaxia Chinese School of Connecticut (HXCT) as one of the 19 branches of Huaxia Chinese School (HXCS), a non-profit organization in the greater New York area serving over 7,000 students. Over the years, Jun served as Principal, then the Chair of the Board for HXCT and Board member and Chairperson of Huaxia School headquarter. HXCS has become a central platform of the Chinese-American communities.

In addition, Jun serves as the Executive Committee Member of SAPA (Sino American Pharmaceutical  Association)  in Connecticut and Associate Dean of the Nanjing University Pharmaceutical Institute in Shenzhen China.

Jun’s diverse professional history and experiences have helped her build up a wide range of contacts in the pharmaceutical industry, government, and university communities both in China and the United States.

Jun has a BS degree from Nanjing University, and a MS degree from SUNY Buffalo.



Dr. Zeren Wang,  CSO

Zeren is now the Managing Director and CSO of HLK. In this position, he is responsible for the overall science and technical management of the company. Prior to this position, Zeren was the Director, Formulation Development, at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc, Ridgefield, CT. In this role, he provided strategic leadership to a team focused on formulation and process development of NCE products. Zeren was also responsible for organizational excellence, strategic planning of resources, budgets, career development of team members, and alignment with international counterparts. From 2009 to 2010, he also was the interim department head of Pharmaceutics. During his career at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc, he managed process development, scale up, and technology transfer for submission of Aptivus capsules and Aptivus liquid formulations. He also was responsible for Process Technology, Physical Pharmaceutics, Materials Characterization, etc. Zeren is specialized in formulation development of poorly water soluble compounds for oral delivery and experienced in the development of oral solid dosage forms (tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules), oral liquid dosage forms (solutions and suspensions), controlled release technology, and parenterals (lyophilization). Under his leadership, his team introduced and implemented multiple new formulation technologies including SEDDS (self emulsifying drug delivery system) formulation technologies (soft gel and hard gel encapsulation capabilities), solid dispersion formulation technologies (spray drying and melt extrusion) as well as nano-milling. Prior to Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, he also worked at Novartis Pharmaceuticals and Eisai Inc. Zeren has 30 peerreviewed publications and patents, as well as numerous poster presentations. He received his PhD in Physical Pharmacy from University of Utah, Dr. William Higuchi’s lab.



Dr. Peter Farina,  Chairman of SAB

Dr. Peter Farina is an Executive in Residence at Canaan Partners, a venture capital firm, located in Westport, CT where he assesses and advises on pharma/biotech/healthcare investments. He is also the managing partner of a consulting firm, Salient Science & Technology, LLC which advises several biotech firms on strategic and technical matters in pharmaceutical R&D. Dr. Farina currently serves as the Co-Chair and Board Member of Connecticut United for Research Excellence (CURE); the Advisory Board of the University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy, member of the NIH Blueprint Neurotherapeutics Network (BPN) steering committee; Emory University DRIVE Advisory Board, and was a Founder and CEO of Developing World Cures, a nonprofit company working on neglected diseases.

Dr. Peter Farina retired in 2008 as Senior Vice President of Development at Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Ridgefield, CT where he was responsible for North American development of drugs in the therapeutics areas of Immunology/Inflammation, Virology and Cardiovascular Disease. During his tenure as SVP at BI, his interdisciplinary team worked on the development and successful registration of Aptivus?, an HIV protease inhibitor, Viramune XR? for HIV and Atrovent HFA? for COPD and emphysema. Prior to this position he served as Vice President of Research at the Ridgefield Center. He has also held positions as Director of Inflammatory Diseases and Director of Biochemistry over his 28 year career with Boehringer Ingelheim. Prior to joining BI he spent 6 years in the Corporate Research Laboratories and Medical Products Division of Union Carbide Corporation in Tarrytown, NY where he did research and development of immunodiagnostics. Dr. Farina’s research interest has been generally at the interface of chemistry and biology. He has worked over his research career in inflammatory and immunological mechanisms, particularly cytokines and arachidonic acid mediators. In addition, he was engaged in HIV virology research which led to discovery and successful registration of one of the first non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors Viramune ?(nevirapine). He is the author of over fifty publications and patents.

Dr. Farina has a PhD in organic chemistry from SUNY Buffalo and did postdoctoral work in bioorganic chemistry at Pennsylvania State University with Dr. Stephen Benkovic.



Dr. Hong Xu, Business Development


Strong track record of success in R&D, licensing, and business development

Experience in identification and evaluation of investment opportunities of biotech, and successful career in multinational pharmaceutical companies and world class universities in R&D, project technology transfer, and business development

Director of business development in Pfizer in multiple therapeutic areas

Director of Technology Transfer

Boston University and Harvard University

Active in introducing potential business opportunities in pharmaceutical communities across US and China


Tel: +86-755-86007001   Email: info@hlkpharma.com