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Shenzhen Pharmacin Co., Ltd. (Pharmacin) is an international specialty pharmaceutical company which is focused on developing new drug products with clinically relevant improvements. The goal of the company is to bridge the best of the West with the East to bring efficacious and safe medicines to patients. Our facility in Shenzhen, China, is fully staffed and outfitted with state of the art equipment for drug development and GMP manufacture of clinical supplies.

HLK Pharmacin LLC in the US is wholly owned by Pharmacin. It is dedicated to licensing efforts and business collaborations with top academic institutions, prominent healthcare investors and leading pharmaceutical companies, striving for both organic and inorganic company development.


Project Catagory Discovery Pre-IND IND Clinical Phase
Solid tumor HLK-1001 505(b)(2)        
Solid tumor HLK-1002 505(b)(2)      
Autoimmune Disease                    
HLK-6002 505(b)(2)
Additional Pipeline                    
HLK-0002 505(j)  
HLK-010 505(j)  
    HLK-0003   505(j)                

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