About HLK
Company Profile

Pharmacin Co., Ltd. (Pharmacin) is an international specialty pharmaceutical company which is focused on developing new drug products with clinically relevant improvements. The goal of the company is to bridge the best of the West with the East to bring efficacious and safe medicines to patients. Our facility in Shenzhen, China, is fully staffed and outfitted with state of the art equipment for drug development and GMP manufacture of clinical supplies.

Pharmacin was founded by Hong Kong HLK Pharmaceutical Technology Limited in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China.  It has received a first round, series A investment. The company HLK Pharmaceuticals was the first Chinese company member of CURE, Connecticut. Pharmacin also has a subsidiary, HLK Pharmaceuticals in Connecticut, US which is focused on business development by interfacing with academic institutions, investors and biotech companies to develop therapeutics for the US and China.


 The HLK team has been awarded "the Peacock Funding Plan", which is set by the Shenzhen government for the overseas top level innovation talents to startup company.

Tel: +86-755-86007001   Email: info@hlkpharma.com